The most watched series have been identified

The most watched series have been identified

The media press pioneer agency, Ajans Press, released a July television report. According to Agency Press's media review, the successful performance of the summer series and the series between the seasons are still remarkable in that the spoken ratios are still high. The most talked-about story of the month of July was Early Bird, which was released on Star TV and had great success in ratings. During the month of July, the series managed to talk about the name with 211 news.

Diriliş Ertuğrul, who is one of the cult productions of TRT 1, is in the second rank of the list with 176 written press reports about him. Meleklerin Aşkı, who appeared on Show TV on Thursdays with a successful rating, was ranked third in the list of 131 news. Fox TV's youth line was the fourth in the list of 112 news stories about the 4N1K First Love. The fifth among the most talked-about series was the 110th news

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