Deniz Baysal in "söz" series

Deniz Baysal in "söz" series

Fearless and Successful Prosecutor Derya

Deniz Baysal, who has met with spectators with many successful projects in the recent period, will appear in audience with successful and fearless young Republican prosecutor Derya. Prosecutor Derya, who Baysal will bring to life, returned to her country to become a prosecutor after leaving her master's degree abroad after finishing her university. She applied to work in the eastern regions, and her achievement in fighting with terrorist groups has made her career rise rapidly. In spite of her young age, she is determined by  her profession, hard, decisive, but so much in her private life. She has the ability to distinguish herself from a criminal and innocent point of view, if not much of her experience. The situation in the country and the treacherous plans carried out by the terrorist organizations will test her not only as a prosecutor but also as a terrorist victim.

'SÖZ', directed by Yağız Alp Akaydın and Metin Balekoğlu, received by screenwriter Ethem Özışık, is on Star TV in September with new season episodes ...

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