Once Upon a Time Cukurova""  summary of first episode

Once Upon a Time Cukurova"" summary of first episode

Unstable father grows Yilmaz (Uğur Güneş) with tailor apprentice making money to her gambler brother , Züleyha (Hilal Altınbilek) 's love on the screen with the first episode!

The life of young people dazzling each other from their love turns into a dark nightmare in a very ordinary night! The nightmare is first of all away from Istanbul, then the Yaman Farm.

Her husband, Gaffur (Bülent Polat) will be the husband of the encounter, who will defend the life of her son Demir (Murat Ünalmış), who collects the wreckage of the unhappy marriage with Hunkar (Wife rivin), which protects the remains of her husband like a hawk.

In the first part of the index, Yılmaz and Züleyha start work at Yaman Farm. But when he meets the farm residents, a lie that Züleyha says will change the lives of all of them.

Starting in Istanbul, Adana, with a black train reached first part of the year with color and music before Turkey will open the door to an exciting story!

"Once upon a Time Çukurova", the first episode of Love, the unlimited, the death of the fugitive, the hope of the Umad was experienced at ATV on 13.09.2018 at 20:00!

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