Shock for Nurgul Yeşilçay

Shock for Nurgul Yeşilçay

Nurgul Yeşilçay is experiencing not the most pleasant times right before the release of her new series Gülperi

. As it became known, by the court decision Yeşilçay Moda in Izmir, which she opened with her sisters, was subjected to compulsory bankruptcy procedure. Arrested not only the store and goods that it contained, but also bank accounts and even the house of the actress. As it became known, the reason for such a tough decision was a debt of 10 thousand liras.
Owners Yeşilçay Moda two years did not pay for wedding dresses, which were taken from the manufacturer. In the end, the patience broke and he went to court.

It is unlikely that Nurgul was aware of what is happening, because for one series of Gülperi she gets 150 thousand Turkish lira and could certainly pay a debt of 10 thousand. However, her sisters did not want to tell her about the deplorable situation of the store. It ended in a complete catastrophe for all participants

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