Nur Fettah oglu resembles ElçinSangu

Nur Fettah oglu resembles ElçinSangu

Nur Fettahoğlu’s new image is likened to ElçinSangu.
Nur Fettahoğlu’s red-haired new image has attracted great attention.
Many people have compared the new version of NurFettahoğlu with ElçinSangu.
The actress, who dyed her hair red, was in the last place in the Fi series.
Those who saw the famous actress had difficulty getting to know this.
NurFettahoglu starred in the Bozkır series for BluTV.

“Rental Love” series is the popular series of Elçin Sangu,who began a new series Crash .
The actress meets with her fans after 2 years.

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