Another Turkish series ending this season 2018

Another Turkish series ending this season 2018

It seems that this season in Turkey is one of the most difficult seasons experienced by the Turkish drama, which saw the suspension of a number of Turkish serials after the first episodes because of low visibility.

 the series Do not cry, my mother will be ended in the 13th episode because of theweak ratings
The Turkish series Do not to cry my mother succeded to show  10th episodes, but this seems to be the most possible episodes to be displayed.

 the Turkish ATV channel announced that the last episode of the series, will be  the 13th episode.
 It seems to be this decision is because of the low percentages of  views achieved by the series" Do not cry, O mother "since the first show.

The views of the series "do not cry, mother" Has limited  between 3 and 4 of the ratios of viewing which is not good for the Turkish series, which depends on the high rate of the viewing .

It seems that the fans of the series do not cry, my mother have split into two teams, one  considered that it is appropriate to stop the show  at the 13th episode, especially that the story is realistic and do not tolerate more stretching in the events and  it is better to finish it because of its weak .

Ending the series "Do not cry my mother" at the 13th episode

Audience "Do not Cry My Mother" is divided into two groups ... fans of Birce Akalay and lover Ozlim Yilmaz
With the announcement of  ATV channel to end a series do not cry, my mother at the 13th episode began to express the disappointment of their fans to split into two parts.

Part wished to see his favorite Turkish artist Birce Aklay "Elif" in another Turkish series, especially that this series was in its name and managed to withstand despite the low views.

And another team supporting the actress Ozlim Yilmaz "Damla", who found that she did not take the right in this series personality psychologically provided by the events of the series "Do not cry my mother."

It is worth mentioning that this season  the Turkish dramas stop a large number of its series in proportion to the low views and disappointing.

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